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Project Solar Flame is a story based, sci-fi, puzzle game in which you play as a wreck hunter who lands on a deserted military space station with the hope of finding his fortune.

The game mechanics are based around a legmounted miniature rocket and a gravity and energy manupulating tool.

The puzzles are a bit harder than the usual and they often require a bit of foresight. For example: Moving and combining objects and tools in multiple separate places to solve them.

In Project Solar Flame there are no stated objectives, the player must assess the situation using the clues from terminal logs and notes then conclude what needs to be done to solve the problem.

The decision that the player makes during gameplay will affect how the story unfolds and the ending of the game. In the space station the player can choose different paths to progress through it and face challanges that will be different on each path.



R&G Software is a small independent game developer team started in 2013. In the early years we mainly focused on mobile game development on the Windows Phone and Android platforms. Later we swiched to PC games and our first title on that platform called Fleeting Ages got greenlit on Steam in 2015. One year later at May 2nd, 2016 the game was released from early access into a full release.
Our newest game that we work on called Project Solar Flame is something we are really exited about  and we are eager to show it to the gaming community. We are glad that we can be a part of this industry which is filled with so many talented and creative people and we aim to deliver compelling and interesting experiences to our fellow gamers.


  • Sci-fi themed, story based, puzzle game
  • Gravity and energy manupulating tool with two functions. An anti gravity field emitter used to lift and move heavy objects and an energy transmitter used to provide a small amount of energy to select appliances.
  • Legmounted miniature rocket to enable the player to doublejump.
  • Entirely open space station.
  • Secret locations to discover.
  • A map editor so the players can make and share self made puzzles with others.


Title:                   Project Solar Flame

Developer:        R&G Software

Release date:   Q3 2017

Platform:           PC, Windows

Genre:                Action, Puzzle

Player:                Single-player


Press kit

Download press kit: PRESS KIT